Happy Pie is a creative web & mobile production agency with +10 years of experience as developers and designers.

Parkour Panda iOS game

In house

The responsive website.

In our opinion, this is a web standard. One website all the way from the smartphone to the desktop. With the help of expert coding and clever design solutions we let the same website present its content perfectly on any device without the need for multiple platform specific solutions.

Sometims an app is what's needed.

A responsive website is great, but it's still just a website with the limitations that comes with it. If a website won't cut it, then it's time to talk apps.

Pew pew pew!

Gaming is our passion. We love playing, and we love making games. Something that has become something of a speciality for us is small web based games. Gamification is about using simple interactive elements from gaming in web and app design to creative extra incentive for the end user. The simple thruth is, games are fun!

The team.

We have been working together for a long time. Both as colleagues & collaborating freelancers. Starting a production agency was simply the next natural step.

Jonas Eriksson

System designer

Albin Larsson


Victor Andreae

Art director

Contact us.

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